Making My Avatar

1. I went to

2.I went on start and then it came up with bodys.

3. You pick your body (female or male).

4. Then you go to hair and you pick your colour and style.

5. After that you pick your eyes and the colour.

6 You pick the mouth you would like.

7. You choose the clothes you would like and there is anything you want.

8. You save your avatar as a Jpeg.

9. Then you go to publisher and then get the snip tool and make square around your avatar and then save it as a Jpeg.

10. When you sign in to your blog you go to your dashboard and down the left side there are all different things and you go to user and it will say your avatar.

11. click on your avatar in the user bar and then it says select files and you click that then select the file that you put your avatar in and then that will be your comment avatar.

12. for your blog avatar you go to the settings bar and the second bottom it says blog avatar. then click on blog avatar and it will do the same as it did on the comment avatar. It will come up with select files then click on it and find the file you saved it in then when you find it click on it. When it’s finished loading it will come up as your blog avatar.


You go to the widgets page and there will be all different widget bars. Find the blog avatar bar then drag it over to the side bar. And then your avatar should be on your blog.


3 thoughts on “Making My Avatar

  1. Hi Simone!
    I like how you explained that! I was looking through the list on the blogging challenge and I saw you like netball. I like netball too. What is your Favourite position?
    From Gabby

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  3. Hi Simone!
    My name is Kristie McNair. I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I am studying to become a teacher. I have a class called EDM310, which is teaching me how important it is for students to blog. I am so glad to be reading your blog! Your blog post was the first one I have ever read on how to create an avatar. I thought you did a really good job of explaining the steps. I also like the title of your blog. It really is super!

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