100 Word Challenge!!!

Our class has been doing 100 word challenge. I hope you like mine šŸ™‚

I went walking with my dog Hugo. I was aboutĀ 5 minutes away from my house. I heardĀ  the strangest ever. I slowy moved around and there was a really tall shadowit was proberly 5 time the size of me. When I had fully turned round it went so fastĀ I must of blinked. So me and Hugo started to run home we went as fast as we could but we were being followed. I didn’t know what to do. So I just kept going. When I got home the shadow had gone but I don’t know where it went. But i was happy that i wasn’t being followed anymore.

Book Review on Born to Run!

I have read a book called Born to Run by Micheal Morpurgo.

In the start of the book the there is a boy called patrick. He was walking to school and ow a bag it was in the canal he dived in and swam to the bag when patrick got the bag and he got out of the canal he opened the bag and there were greyhound puppies there were 5 puppies and one of them patrick thought stood out from the others he called that puppy Best Mate. Patrick asked his mumĀ and dad if he can keep Best Mate but they said NO because they lived in a flat and there wasn’t any room. Patrick got upset and didn’t speak for a couple of days then Patricks parents went to the rescue centre and pick up Best Mate. they went home with Best Mate and PatrickĀ Ā was so happy. Patrick would take Best Mate to the park every day and have a run while Patrick would watch. One night PqatrickĀ was at the park later thenĀ normal and Best Mate was scared and it took a while until Best Mate ran when he didĀ BestĀ Mate didn’t seem to be back Patrick looked every where but Best was NO where toĀ seen.

And there is more but you will have to read it to find out šŸ™‚

Horse Riding

I have horse riding lessons every Saturday afternoon. I have to get there for 1.30 to get my horse that I’ll be riding. Then I clean their hooves and brush the coat. After I’ve cleaned their coat and hooves I get their saddle on and their bridle to.

Then at 2.00 I go riding for an hour. At my last lesson i had to canter in the figure of 8.

Cantering in the figure of 8 is hard but fun. Because you always have the inside front leg leading you have to Canter for bottom of the 8. Then when you come in the middle of the 8 you go back to a trot then you pick up your left canter and keep going sis fuo itĀ n very fun but also hard.:)

Making My Avatar

1. I went to tektek.org.

2.I went on start and then it came up with bodys.

3. You pick your body (female or male).

4. Then you go to hair and you pick your colour and style.

5. After that you pick your eyes and the colour.

6 You pick the mouth you would like.

7. You choose the clothes you would like and there is anything you want.

8. You save your avatar asĀ a Jpeg.

9. Then you go to publisher and then get the snip tool and make squareĀ around your avatar and then save it as a Jpeg.

10. When you sign in to your blog you go to your dashboard and down the left side there are all different things and you go to user and it will say your avatar.

11. click on your avatar in the user bar and then it says select filesĀ and you click that then select the fileĀ that you put your avatar in and then that will be your comment avatar.

12. for your blog avatar you go to the settings bar and the second bottom it says blog avatar. then click on blog avatar and it will do the same as it did on the comment avatar. It will come up with select files then click on it and find the file you saved it in then when you find it click on it. When it’s finished loading it will come up as your blog avatar.


You go to the widgets page and there will be all different widget bars. Find the blog avatar bar then drag it over to the side bar. And then your avatar should be on your blog.


My Avatar

I made my Avatar from dream avatars.

My avatar looks like me except the hair is brown but all other things about my avatar looks like me.

My avatars Ā personality is being funny and having a good time.

I think my avatar looks cool šŸ™‚